At Comtesse du Barry, we want to offer you the very best of our French terroir

Our exceptional, generous recipes are prepared using quality ingredients, rigorously selected to bring you the best of the South West. Discover in our ready-made meals, traditional recipes sometimes revisited, to take with you wherever you go.

Our ready meals

in a few words...
sud-ouest Meat from France
chef-2 Cooked in our workshops
meat-france-1 No preservatives or colourings
check-thick Ready in 3 minutes in the microwave
Savoury with green lentils from Berry
Best sale
€8.00 €8.90
Risotto with duck and mushrooms
€8.00 €8.90
Poultry and sheep cheese lasagna
€8.00 €8.90
Duck confit ravioli and bolognese sauce
€8.00 €8.90
Like a tomato stuffed with duck meat
€8.00 €8.90
Salmon fillet with potato mousseline and leek fon
€8.00 €8.90
Duck confit and mashed potatoes with cep
€8.00 €8.90
Veal stew with spelt and olives
€8.00 €8.90

Centuries of expertise

At Comtesse du Barry, we don't compromise on the quality of our products and we select our ingredients with care and rigour. 


Our selection of gourmet ready meals are : 

- Inspired by traditional recipes

- Free from preservatives and colourings, with meat from France

- Rich in flavour and easy to take anywhere !

- Ready in just 3 minutes in the microwave

Our traditional recipes

Cassoulet with duck confit and Toulouse sausages
Leg of duck confit with Espelette pepper
Duck confits with Guérande salt
Cassoulet with Toulouse sausages 850g

Our duck and goose foies gras from the Gers

Semi-cooked whole duck foie gras from Sud-Ouest 300g
Whole duck foie gras from South West France 180g
Block of half-cooked duck foie gras with Espelette pepper
Foie gras de canard entier mi-cuit du Sud-Ouest 200g

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