Our iconic products

Foie Gras

Our foie gras comes from ducks and geese raised outdoors in the countryside of South-West France.
They are cooked in our workshops in the Gers, in order to make «the best foie gras in the world» and we do not add to our recipes any preservatives or dyes to preserve the authentic and natural character. Raising ducks and geese well, respecting tradition and modernity, this is what allows Countess du Barry to rise to a level of excellence rarely equaled.


If there is one dish that is synonymous with extreme refinement, it is caviar. Apart from their extraordinary taste qualities, it is the rarity of these small fish grains that makes the value of caviar.
As a specialist in fine dining, Comtesse du Barry has selected the best aquaculture farms in the Southwest where sturgeon are raised in pure water and fed with a natural diet.
The caviars Comtesse du Barry have been worked with the necessary precautions and know-how for a rare and exceptional dish. The grains are sieved, washed with water, drained and selected by our experts according to their properties: size, texture and firmness. They are then salted with care and packaged in airtight boxes that protect the caviar as in a case


The «diamonds of the kitchen», as Brillat-Savarin called them, have been used for centuries for their delicious fragrance that sublimates all the preparations of high gastronomy, starting with our famous truffled foie gras.

Comtesse has always incorporated the best truffles into its culinary specialties. It is this expertise in the selection of products of excellence that we share by offering you this gastronomic splendor: whole truffles or flakes, carpaccio, oils or salts, its complex fragrances embalm the entire kitchen.

Smoked salmon

Selected from the best breeding farms in Norway or Scotland, our salmon are then patiently smoked in our workshops in Brioude, Auvergne: salted with dry salt, sliced individually, and smoked for 48 hours in French oak wood. A rare ripening. For a unique recipe.


Comtesse has succeeded in this foolish bet of keeping all her know-how and her beloved terroir in small boxes in the colors of her good humor. Cooked in its workshops in the Gers from noble products, the terrines and rillettes Comtesse du Barry are the jewel of its tradition: all the know-how of several generations at the service of a simple and delicious product.


Comtesse du Barry takes care to bring together the best of French soil in elegant gift boxes, within reach of all budgets. Whatever the occasion, Comtesse has the solution: from the aperitif it-bag to offer your host during an invitation to dinner, to the set menu for two ready to taste, salty or sweet, the gastronomic gift Comtesse du Barry is offered or shared without moderation, at Christmas or throughout the year. Subtle and authentic pleasures to discover without delay in our shops, on our website or with our team dedicated to business gifts to please or have fun.