Surprise Box Collection 12 specialities

A magical, fairytale setting containing a selection of the festive products for which the House is renowned.

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The Surprise box offers all the expertise of the house in this jewellery box with drawers : 
3 duck terrines, 3 meat terrines, 3 meat rillettes, 3 seafood rillettes.

Composition :

  • Sardine rillettes with Espelette pepper :
    The raw materials selected for this rillette come mainly from small-scale fishing boats.

  • Smoked mackerel rillettes with pepper :
    This recipe reveals the true taste of fish because it is cooked using only natural products, with no additives or preservatives.

  •  Potted vegetables with seaweed :

    Potted meat full of flavour and deliciousness

  • Pure duck rillettes superior :
    Comtesse du Barry perpetuates the tradition of the South-West by cooking this emblematic recipe. Duck meat cooked for a long time in a broth of vegetables and herbs, enhanced by the duck fat.

  • Rillettes of goose superior :
    Pleasant texture on the palate, low fat content, no pork and no alcohol.

  • Pork rillettes with Espelette pepper and Bayonne ham :
    Rillettes dedicated to the Basque region, cooked with pieces of pork slowly cooked in a stock rich in vegetables and herbs. Its flavour is enhanced by Espelette chilli pepper and Bayonne Ham.

  • Duck terrine with olives :
    A soft, tasty terrine that will delight your aperitifs.

  • Pork terrine with chives :
    A simple terrine combining meat and pork fat with chives. Lightly seasoned, it's sure to please even the most discerning palate.

  • Duck Terrine with orange :

    A great gastronomic classic. A touch of orange liqueur and duck meat: a famous alliance perfectly balanced with sweet, salty and full-bodied notes.

  • Duck terrine with forest mushrooms :
    A typical South-West terrine with duck and a touch of originality from the mushrooms.

  • Terrine of Gascony :
    One of Comtesse du Barry's must-have local products, it is made from rigorously selected pork meats cooked without added colourings or preservatives. Enjoy it on slices of toasted farmhouse bread.

  • Poultry liver terrine with Banyuls :
    A great classic of French cuisine. Warm and fruity, the Banyuls wine gives this terrine the sunny accents that make all the difference.

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Sardine rillettes with Espelette pepper 65g :
Sardines (Sardina pilchardus, fished in the English Channel and Celtic Sea, Breton fish markets) 60 %, cream, salt, Espelette pepper 0,5 %, pepper, thickening agent extracted from seaweed: carrageenan.

Smoked mackerel rillettes with pepper 65g :​
The care taken when smoking the mackerel enhances the authentic taste of seafood the rillettes offer, for you to enjoy.​​

Potted vegetables with seaweed 65g :
Vegetables 87.7% (carrot, garlic), olive oil, honey, seaweed 1% (wakame), salt, cumin, pepper. May contain traces of gluten, milk and milk-based products, fish and shellfish.

Pure duck rillettes superior 70g :
Duck meat 50%, duck fat, water, onion, carrot, salt, leek, celery, pepper, garlic, nutmeg, bay leaf, thyme, clove.
Duck, Origin : France​​

Rillettes of goose superior 70g :
Cooked goose meat 50%, goose fat, stock (water, onion, carrot, leek, celery, garlic), cooked pork meat, salt, pepper, ground nutmeg, bay leaf powder, ground thyme, clove powder. Goose and pork, Origin: France.​​

Pork rillettes with Espelette pepper and Bayonne ham 70g :
Pork 40%, duck fat, water, Bayonne ham 10% (pork ham, salt, preservative: potassium nitrate), shallot preserved in duck fat, onion, carrot, leek, celery, garlic, Guérande salt, Espelette chili pepper AOC 0.1%, paprika, pepper, nutmeg, thyme, clove, laurel. Pork and duck, origin : France.

Duck terrine with olives 70g :
Pork fat and lean, duck meat 30%, candied green olives 13% (green olives, water, salt, citric acid), poultry liver, egg, salt, pepper, thyme, fennel, bay leaf. Duck and pork, Origin : France.​​

Pork terrine with chives 70g :
Pork throat 52 %, pork lean 19 %, pork liver 20 %, egg, chives 1,4 %, salt, gelatine, sugar, pepper.
Pork, Origin: France ​.

Duck Terrine with orange 70g :
Duck meat 38 %, pork throat, poultry liver, candied onions (onions, duck fat), egg, orange liqueur (alcohol, water, Cognac, natural bitter orange flavouring, colouring: E 150a), salt, semolina orange peel 1,2 %, wheat flour, tapioca, gelatine, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon.
Pork, duck and chicken, Origin: France​​.

Duck terrine with forest mushrooms 70g :
Pork, duck meat 20%, pork throat, poultry liver, rehydrated black mushrooms 6.6%, ceps in sunflower oil 4.7%, egg, candied shallots (shallots, duck fat), chanterelles 3.7%, Banyuls, tapioca, salt, gelatine, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cinnamon.
Duck, pork and poultry, Origin: France​​

Terrine of Gascony 70g :
Pork meat and fat, pork liver, egg, carrot, salt, gelatin, parsley, sugar, pepper, garlic.
Pork, Origin : France​​.

Poultry liver terrine with Banyuls 70g :
Pork throat, poultry liver 23%, pork meat, egg, candied onions (onion, duck fat), cream, Banyuls 1.4%, Madeira (natural pepper flavouring), salt, gelatine, parsley, sugar, pepper, garlic, mace powder, laurel powder.
Pork, poultry and duck, Origin: France.


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