Tarama with summer truffle

The best quality smoked cod roe of Iceland married scraps of with summer truffle and a truffle aroma singular.
90 g

Tarama is originally a specialty of Greek and Turkish culinary cultures.

It is a creamy mixture of fish eggs, oil and bread.
The summer truffle develops very fine and persistent aromas when ripe. It is therefore ideal as an aperitif and especially through tarama toasts. 

Tasting advice :
Place the tarama on a piece of toast, a warm blini or a pita bread and accompany, according to your taste, with a little lemon, fresh cream or chopped chives.

Best before date : maximum 21 days after shipping your order.

Rapeseed oil, smoked and salted cod roe 27% (cod roe 25%, salt), water, truffle breakage preparation {truffle breakage 2.94% (Tuber aestivum), truffle juice 0. 03% (Tuber aestivum), salt)}, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, water, salt, yeast}, extra virgin olive oil based culinary preparation and black truffle flavouring (olive oil, flavouring), concentrated lemon juice, preservative E211.

May contain traces of shellfish.

Nutritional values
Average nutritional values Per 100 g
Energy (kJ / kcal) 2289 / 555
Total fat (g) 57
Saturated fat (g) 6,1
Carbohydrates (g) 6,8
sugars (g) 1
Proteins (g) 4,0
Salt (g) 1,7