Cognac VSOP

A successful balance between spicy notes and intense fruit flavors.

70 cl

Tasting notes: This Cognac is slightly mahogany in color, limpid and brilliant, with an intense, greedy nose, firstly of white flowers, then ripe fruit, sweet spices and even roasting, all with fine precision. The palate is very enveloping, almost explosive and salivary. The finish is clean, with well-positioned oak and peppery notes.

Brand: it was in 1977 that Marie-Françoise and Jean-Luc Pasquet decided to bottle their Cognacs under their own brand, thus creating Cognacs Jean-Luc Pasquet.
Over the years, while working their exceptional Grande Champagne terroir (Eraville) conventionally, they noticed the poor health of several parcels. Their discovery of organic farming practices in 1994 gave them the hope of adding another dimension to their work. Organic farming certification was obtained in 1998, enabling the Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche parcels to express their typicity to the full.

Appellation: VSOP (minimum ageing 4 years). Slow reduction. Organic certification since 1998.

Alcohol content: 40%.

Serving suggestion: drink dry as an autumn aperitif or summer digestive.

Grape variety: 100% Ugni blanc.