Caviar Beluga | 100 grammes

A prestigious caviar with creamy grains and delicate buttery notes.

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100 g
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Beluga is the most prestigious caviar because it is the rarest...

Its very large grains are unique! They melt under the palate with an incomparable length in the mouth, both complex and refined.

This caviar is ideal for tasting on its own, with a spoon, to discover (or rediscover for connoisseurs) the pleasure of a unique caviar tasting.
The tradition is to drink an iced white vodka, but we prefer a brut champagne for the wonder of the taste buds.

This caviar comes from a selection of our supplier's partner fish farms in Italy.

Available in 30 g, 50 g, 100 g. You can make 6 to 8 aperitif toasts with a 30 g tin of caviar.

Advice on tasting and storage :

Tasting caviar is similar to tasting wine :

Take the tin out of the refrigerator about ten minutes before tasting. Place it on a bed of crushed ice to keep the caviar fresh.
The caviar should ideally be presented in its original tin to keep the eggs intact.
Use a caviar spanner, coin or the rounded tip of a knife to break the guarantee strip and open the tin at the edge.
Caviar should be eaten with a mother-of-pearl, porcelain or horn spoon: a natural, light material will preserve the delicate texture of the eggs when served, unlike metal, which also oxidises the caviar.

Nose : a good caviar does not smell of anything (no fishy odour, otherwise it is unfit to be eaten).

Texture : each caviar has its own particularity but a firm caviar is a young caviar.

Palate : more or less iodized, aromas of oyster, hazelnut, almond depending on the caviar.

Fresh product, to be kept in the refrigerator between 0°C and +4°C.

Œufs d'esturgeon (Acipenser Huso huso), sel, conservateur : E285 (acide borique).