Tariquet Premières Grives

The character is exotic and greedy.
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With the arrival of the first thrushes, during the first frosts of autumn, the harvest begins in late varieties. These clusters to the advanced maturity, still packed with grains, sugar and bursting with pleasure, comes a fine wine, elegant and distinctive. The character is exotic and delicious. The palate is full and has a freshness that energizes the whole. Time of immediate happiness, a true balanced soft leaving a final fresh grape...

Varietal: Gros Manseng

In Gascony, between the Atlantic and the Pyrenees is a unique place. A place where the wine takes root: Domaine du Tariquet. Family owned since 1912, over the years, parents and children were able to guess the ability of this exceptional estate. Firstly to give birth to great Bas-Armagnac and implement some popular varieties and create amazing white wines highlighting the bounty of nature.

Petit Manseng (sulfites)