Tariquet Dernières Grives

Elegant sweet wine, fine, round, opened with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity.
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75 cl
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The fruity flavors of grape, evolve towards pretty vanilla. This grape overmaturity, played the last thrushes, produces a wine that is rich and powerful, but also very cool. The nose reveals notes of white truffle in the mouth it shows flattering. General impression of balance, wholeness. Its spicy character says. Produced in very small quantities.

Varietal: Petit Manseng

In Gascony, between the Atlantic and the Pyrenees is a unique place. A place where the wine takes root: Domaine du Tariquet. Family owned since 1912, over the years, parents and children were able to guess the ability of this exceptional estate. Firstly to give birth to great Bas-Armagnac and implement some popular varieties and create amazing white wines highlighting the bounty of nature.

Petit Manseng (sulfites)