Lobster and chablis soufflé

80 g
A soufflé which reveals the delicate aromas of lobster and liveliness of Chablis.

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ANTI-GASPI OFFER -30% off Lobster Soufflé with Chablis . DLUO/DDM: 17/03/2024.

The date of minimum durability, DDM, may be exceeded if the packaging is intact. This is an indicative date : the product in question does not present any health risk, but it may have lost some of its taste qualities. Join us in the fight against food waste !

This brand new soft, golden soufflé, with the scent of the open sea, will seduce you with its frank flavour that makes Chablis sing. It's the perfect way to treat yourself with a minimum of preparation!


Serving suggestions :

To prepare and reheat: remove the lid. Using the blade of a knife, remove the soufflé from the edge of the jar (taking care not to cut it). Place the jar in a bain-marie in a pre-heated conventional oven for 20 mins at 220°C (gas mark 6/7). Serve straight from the oven and enjoy straight from the jar. Reheating in the microwave is also possible, but the soufflé will rise only slightly. 

Serve with fresh or toasted bread.

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Lobster (Homarus americanus) 20%, cream, conger eel (Conger conger), egg white, water, butter, egg, Chablis 2%, wheat starch, lobster extract 1.5%, salt, sodium bicarbonate, pepper, hot pepper.

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Nutritional values
Average nutritional values Per 100 g
Energy (kJ / kcal) 616 / 149
Total fat (g) 12
Saturated fat (g) 7,9
Carbohydrates (g) 1,7
sugars (g) 0,7
Proteins (g) 8,2
Salt (g) 1,2
Rigorous quality
115 years of expertise
Client reviews 4,6/5