Ruinart de Ruinart AOC - Champagne Brut - 37,5 cl

A perfect champagne for the aperitif.

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37.5 cl
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One of the Ruinart classics that never disappoints.


Pairings : a perfect champagne for the aperitif, which can also be served as a starter with light and fine dishes such as poached oysters, scallops a la plancha or as a main course with a sole meunière. It can also accompany local cheeses with a short maturation period, such as a Chaource or a creamy Langres.


Tasting notes : This wine has a brilliant and limpid yellow color with golden reflections. Beautiful brilliance, the effervescence is sustained, with a very present cordon. The first nose is fresh and fruity, with notes of white fruits, apricot, hazelnuts and fresh almonds. Some floral and spicy notes bring an additional complexity. The
The second nose reveals a beautiful olfactory intensity, on a more brioche and biscuity background. A very frank attack in mouth. A well-balanced wine, quite round and fleshy at the attack with aromas of
ripe fruits. The finish is long, the well-integrated dosage gives way to a freshness characteristic of the chardonnay, very present in the blend.


Vinification and vineyard : The Ruinart House was founded on September 1st 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart. His uncle, a learned Benedictine monk, Dom Thierry Ruinart, had an intuition of genius. He sensed that this new "sparkling wine", developed in his native Champagne region and loved by the European royal courts, had a bright future. The creation of Ruinart coincided with the birth of the "Age of Enlightenment" in France and the French art of living. A true culture of good and beautiful was born in France, favoring a fine and elegant, light and sophisticated, delicate and rare taste. Ruinart's wines naturally found their place in this culture. Driven by the permanent quest for excellence and absolutes, the House has chosen Chardonnay, a rare and fragile grape variety, as the common thread running through all its wines.


Alcohol level : 12%.


Recommended serving temperature : 8°C


Grape varieties : 40 % chardonnay, 57 % de pinot noir, 3 % de meunier.