Château Romieu Sauternes - 75 cl

A wine for sharing par excellence, to be enjoyed as an aperitif or at the end of an evening.

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75 cl
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The wines of Château Roumieu are in the tradition of Sauternes wines with great ageing potential, which can be enjoyed from an early age to appreciate the wide variety of fruit aromas, or allowed to evolve over the years. Foie gras from the southwest and the finest desserts are the perfect accompaniments for this Sauternes Grand Vin.

Pairings: this white wine goes well with melon, foie gras and fish.

Tasting notes: this wine presents notes of citrus (candied pineapple and pomelo), floral (white flowers and acacia, hawthorn), white fruit (white peaches), yellow fruit (peaches, apricots), as well as smoky, toasty notes (coffee, cocoa, gingerbread).

Vinification and vineyard: Château Roumieu is a family estate, handed down from generation to generation since the early 18th century. The name "Roumieu" comes from the name of one of the plots; it signifies a place where pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela passed through, hence the presence of a scallop shell, the Château's emblem, on the label.

Alcohol content: 12.50%.

Serving and cellaring recommendations :

  • drink between 10 and 12° for a meal and between 8 and 10° for an aperitif
  • drink between 5 and 25 years

Grape varieties: Semillon 89%, Sauvignon Blanc 10%, Muscadelle 1%.