Caviar Osciètre 30 g

This caviar is French and produced in Aquitaine. Osciètre is probably the most mysterious caviar, harmonious and refined, with a firm grain.

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30 g
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Osciètre caviar, from an exclusive French production of Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon, concentrates buttery and nutty notes in a sensual caviar. Its firm grains with golden hues roll perfectly under the palate, gradually releasing the delicate aromas of a harmonious and refined caviar...

This caviar is ideal to be tasted during an exceptional meal, with a spoon, to appreciate all its subtleties, or as an accompaniment. 


Available in 12 g, 30 g, 50 g, 100 g. You can make 6 to 8 aperitif toasts with a 30g tin of caviar.


Advice for tasting and conservation :

Tasting caviar is similar to tasting wine:

  • Take the tin out of the refrigerator about ten minutes before tasting. It is placed on a bed of crushed ice to keep the caviar fresh.
  • The caviar should ideally be presented in its original tin to preserve the eggs intact.
  • Use a caviar wrench, coin or the rounded tip of a knife to break the guarantee strip and open the tin at the edge.
  • Caviar should be eaten with a mother-of-pearl, porcelain or horn spoon: a natural and light material will preserve the delicate texture of the eggs when serving, unlike metal which also oxidizes the caviar.

Nose: a good caviar does not smell of anything (no fishy odor, otherwise it is unfit to be eaten).

Texture: each caviar has its own particularity but a firm caviar is a young caviar.

Mouth: more or less iodized, aromas of oyster, hazelnut, almond depending on the caviar.


Fresh product, to be kept in the refrigerator between 0°C and +4°C.

Sturgeon eggs (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii), salt, preservative: E285 (boric acid).