Box of the sea + spreader

An assortment of 2 rillettes de la mer and 2 sardines, smooth and refined, for your aperitifs.
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An assortment of 2 creamy seafood rillettes and 2 refined sardines, which can be eaten as an aperitif, a starter or a sandwich.


Composition :

  • Potted salmon with seaweed
  • Potted mackerel with pepper 
  • Sardines in olive oil
  • Sardines with tomatoes and Espelette pepper 
  • Spreader

Packaging :

Box + ribbon


Salmon rillettes with seaweed :
Salmon (Salmo salar, farmed in Scotland) 61%, cream, salt, pepper, thickener seaweed extract: carrageenan, seaweed 0.1%, dill.

Smoked mackerel rillettes with pepper :
Smoked mackerel 59 % (Scomber scombrus, caught in the English Channel and Celtic Seas, West of Scotland), cream, salt, pepper 0,8 %, thickening agent seaweed extract: carrageenan. 

Sardines in olive oil :
85% (Sardina pichardus), olive oil 14%, salt.
May contain traces of molluscs.

Sardines with tomatoes and Espelette pepper :
Sardines 70.8%, tomato sauce with Espelette pepper 29.2% (fresh tomato 16.5%, olive oil 5.5%, crushed tomato 4.4%, onion, wine vinegar, Espelette pepper 0.1%, salt, rice flour, sugar).
Product made in Spain.