St Emilion Wine 2014 Derenoncourt for Comtesse Du Barry

This light smoky and black fruit flavored wine, an enchantment at any meal.

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75 cl
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This Bordeaux wine is supple and round, it has a fine aromatic complexity bursting with red fruits.

In the aim of offering you wines which go perfectly with its dishes, Comtesse du Barry, has quite naturally, turned to Stéphane Derenoncourt, one of the most famous wine growing/making advisors of his time. They both have the same philosophy where wine is concerned; making unique and original wines whilst keeping up tradition.

Their inquiring minds mean they have an innovative approach to gastronomy and wine themselves, as well as to the ingredients and to the vines involved. Both the Comtesse and Stéphane, in their quest for ultimate elegance, are always seeking; different, novel, unique, original and identifiable produce.

All their skills and know how put together have gone into pairing the Comtesse’s emblematic dishes and Derenoncourt’s exceptional wines.

Cépages : Merlots 80% et Cabernet Sauvignon 20%