Payment methods

Bank cards

Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard / Eurocard, American Express, Cofinoga, Aurore, Illicado, eCarte Bleue. Payments are made through our secure Payzen system.

The Cofinoga card is an accessory card to a credit renewable annually, purchases are recorded by default, upon receipt of your account statement, if you wish to pay on credit, refer to the means of contact indicated on your account statement. 



French checks only. Select "Payment by check" when choosing the method of payment and send us your check payable to "Comtesse du Barry" at the following address 

Comtesse du Barry
BP 10011
32201 GIMONT Cedex

Note: In the event of payment by check, your order will only be shipped upon receipt of your check.



Ticket Intense, Ticket Horizon, Ticket Infini, Ticket Compliments Reference, Ticket Compliments Bienvenue, Ticket Kadéos Intense, Ticket Kadéos Horizon, Ticket Kadéos Infini, Cadhoc, Voucher Direct TIR GROUPE Freedom, Happiness or Pleasure.

Note: In the event of payment by gift voucher, your order will only be shipped upon receipt of your gift voucher. 



Transactions made on this site are secure by the online payment platform Payzen, an electronic payment operator recognized in the banking industry.


Payzen ensures optimal security of your data thanks to the use of SSL protocol which encrypts all information related to your order. At no time, your bank details appear in clear or are given to merchants.