Semi cooked South West France Foie gras delight with truffles 7%

A sumptuous foie gras highlighted with truffle flakes and a Black Perigord truffle jelly.

125 g

A full flavoured stylish looking foie gras with truffle to be served with a fine white Burgundy wine.

This delicacy is hand made from only the noblest ingredients, foie gras from farm raised ducks, Black Perigord truffle Guérande Salt and peppers.You will be astonished by its full yet refined flavour which comes from the blend of foie gras and truffle more widely known as the black diamond.


  • 125 g : jar

Foie gras de canard issu de canard Label Rouge élevé en plein air du Sud-Ouest 88 %, morceaux de truffes noires (Tuber melanosporum) 7 %, jus de truffes noires (Tuber melanosporum), gélatine, sel fin de Guérande, poivres.

 Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g

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 Matières grasses (g)

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