Raw duck foie gras 500 g France

Find, as every year in December, our fresh foie gras entirely awakened for the preparation of "home-made" foies gras. This foie gras can be frozen. 

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500 g

These fresh, deveined, never frozen foies gras weigh 500 grams each. They are ready to be cooked which is a real comfort for the realization of the recipe.


Advice on accompaniment and preparation:

It is quite possible to cook raw foie gras on the weekend of December 10th. The organoleptic flavors will have time to develop and the foie gras will be as fragrant as you want it to be with a melting texture.

If you wish to make escalopes: slice the foie gras, wrap each slice with cling film and store them in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. The slices will stiffen. You will only have to pan fry them at the last moment as soon as they come out of the freezer and cook them according to your recipe.


Best before date: maximum 7 days after shipping your order. Possibility to freeze the product. 


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