Luxury truffle box set

Enjoy the exceptional truffle based fare in this selection box for a new refined taste experience.

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You will be enchanted by the subtle flavour and aromas of the Black Perigord Truffle in these four exceptional condiment recipes

The Olive oil. This olive oil will brighten up the humblest dishes such as salads, creamed potatoes and omelettes. The oil in this box set is cold extracted and has been specially selected for its excellent flavour.

The Mustard: The truffle flavoured mustard with its deep woody notes will enhance the taste of all barbecued meats and is perfect with red meats. Mixed in with your omelettes; it will lend them a refined spicy dimension.

The Olive purée: Its truffle flavour makes it THE spread for truffle lovers. It is equally as delicious in pasta sauces or with a nice piece of beef or duck.

The Sea salt: this truffle flavoured salt with hazelnut is a must have. The blend is perfect sprinkled onto your freshly barbecued meats or your vegetable dishes.

Huile d’olive saveur Truffe noire : Huile d’olive vierge extra extraite à froid, arôme 1,97%

Moutarde saveur truffe et poivre noir à l’huile d’olive : ingrédients : moutarde (eau, graines de moutarde, vinaigre, sel, conservateur : sulfite, acide de sodium), poivre noir 2%, huile d’olive*, arôme naturel 1,8%

Olivade saveur Truffe : olive noire 73,9%, eau, huile de tournesol, câpre, arôme naturel 1,2%, ail

Préparation à base de Sel de Mer saveur Truffe et Noisettes : Sel de mer, noisettes 7,33 %, arôme 1,28%

Tous ces produits peuvent contenir des traces de fruits à coques, sésame, gluten, arachides, moutarde, sulfite, lactose et soja.