FÉERIE box : 6 terrines + 2 fig & onion chutneys

474 g
Comtesse du Barry offers you boxes with beautiful letters intertwined with plant motifs, revealing comforting words filled with sweet treats to place at the foot of the Christmas tree. 

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This FÉERIE boxed set includes an assortment of terrines ideal for a turnkey aperitif.

Exceptional terrines, cooked with meats from France The fig and onion chutneys add a sweet and savoury touch to the aperitif.
The perfect way to delight your guests.

Composition :

Duck Terrine with orange, 70g :

A great gastronomic classic. A touch of orange liqueur and duck meat: a famous alliance perfectly balanced with sweet, savoury and full-bodied notes. 

Country terrine with hazelnuts, 70g :
The fine, well-balanced hazelnut taste complements all the flavours of the traditional country terrine. Its crunchy texture is a delight to eat, served on slices of farmhouse bread as an aperitif.

Duck terrine with olives, 70g :
A classic of French cuisine. The combination of duck and olives is always a favourite and a reminder of the South-West.

La terrine de foie de volaille au Porto, 70g :
A classic French dish revisited with Port. This terrine combines the creaminess of poultry liver with the unique, fruity flavour of Port.

Goose terrine with Monbazillac, 70g :
a harmonious blend of goose and Monbazillac wine, making this terrine a great idea for a tasty starter, as toast, an aperitif or a picnic.

Pork terrine with chives, 70g : 
Une recette gourmande alliant la chair de la viande de porc à la fraicheur de la ciboulette. Elle est légèrement assaisonnée et se mariera parfaitement avec des toasts de pain de campagne et une salade verte assaisonnée au vinaigre de cidre et à l’huile de noisettes​

Le Confit d’oignon, 27g :
This fig chutney adds a tangy note and a delicious sweet and sour flavour. This confit has the sweet flavour of cooked onion with just the right amount of spice.
There are plenty of chopped onions to give the product a good consistency.

Le Chutney de figue, 27g :
This fig chutney adds a tangy note and a delicious sweet and sour flavour. Its blend of spices will delight fans of Oriental cuisine.

Packaging :

Box + ribbon

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Duck terrine with orange, 70g :
Duck meat 38%, pork fat, poultry liver, candied onions (onions, duck fat), egg, orange liqueur (alcohol, water, Cognac, natural bitter orange flavouring, colouring: E 150a), salt, semolina orange peel 1.2%, wheat flour, tapioca, gelatine, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon.
Pork, duck and chicken, Origin: France.
Country terrine with hazelnuts, 70g :
Pork throat, pork liver, pork meat, egg, hazelnuts 1.9%, salt, gelatine, sugar, pepper.
Pork, Origin: France.

Duck terrine with olives, 70g :
Pork fat and lean, duck meat 30%, candied green olives 13% (green olives, water, salt, citric acid), poultry liver, egg, salt, pepper, thyme, fennel, bay leaf.
Duck and pork, Origin: France.

Chicken liver terrine with Port wine, 70g :
Pork throat, chicken liver 24%, pork meat, egg, red Port 3.9%, liquid cream [cream (milk), stabiliser: carrageenan], salt, gelatine, parsley, sugar, pepper, garlic, mace powder, laurel powder.

Pork and poultry, Origin: France.

Goose terrine with Monbazillac, 70g :
Pork throat, goose meat 22%, poultry meat, poultry liver, Monbazillac 5% (sulphites), egg, semi-skimmed milk, onion, salt, gelatine, pepper, modified starch, ground nutmeg.
Pork, goose and poultry, Origin: France.
Pure pork terrine with chives, 70g : 
Pork throat 52%, lean pork 19%, pork liver 20%, egg, chives 1.4%, salt, gelatine, sugar, pepper.
Pork, Origin: France 
Fig Chutney 27g :
Figs 45%, onions, sugar, wine vinegar, salt, spices.
Onion confit 27g :
Onions 65%, sugar, red wine, red wine vinegar, sunflower oil, salt, pepper.

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