Block of goose foie gras and fig chutney

A magical, fairy-tale setting containing a selection of the festive products for which the company is renowned. Block of goose foie gras and fig chutney.

127 g

To the delight of gourmets, Comtesse du Barry is dressing up to distribute choice boxes, filled with its most festive selection.

This composition of a block of goose foie gras accompanied by a fig chutney will fascinate lovers of tradition and authenticity with its undeniable taste cooked with Guérande salt and pepper. 

Tasting advice :
Place the block of goose foie gras in the refrigerator the day before tasting. Take care to take it out only 15 minutes before tasting. Spread it at the last moment because our products are free of colouring agents and preservatives and would brown superficially on contact with air but without altering the taste.

Accompany your dried or smoked duck breast to make small toasts. You can present these tapas as an aperitif but also in a gourmet mixed salad. 


Enjoy with a glass of champagne as an aperitif or a glass of sweet wine as a starter. 

The blocks of foie gras are particularly well suited to the preparation of recipes based on foie gras: sauce, crème brûlée, stuffing.

Block of goose foie gras 100g :
The block of foie gras is a preparation composed of reconstituted foie gras and a seasoning.
The soft and creamy texture of the blocks is easy to spread and therefore ideal on toast.

Fig Chutney, 27g :

The fig chutney is a perfect accompaniment to foie gras to which it adds a real touch of sweetness and fruity flavours to enhance the foie gras aromas.The purple figs are chosen when perfectly ripe and are prepared according to tradition, cooked with wine vinegar in copper cauldrons, in small quantities, always favouring the quality of our products.


Block of goose foie gras from the South-West 100g :
Goose foie gras from South-West France, water, salt, pepper.
Goose, Origin: France.

Fig Chutney, 27g :
Figs 48%, apples, onions, cane sugar, white Oc wine (sulphites), cider vinegar (sulphites), sultanas, sherry vinegar (sulphites), extra virgin olive oil, spices 0.25% including curry (mustard, celery), garlic, colouring: ordinary caramel, salt.