Rhum arrangé artisanal (Passion Vanille) 29°

Arhumatic passion Vanille has been created to live or relive invitations to travel: close your eyes and inhale the scent of this elixir and leave for paradisiacal latitudes.

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70 cl
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Appearance : The pulp of the passion fruit is dispersed throughout the bottle, with the fleshiest seeds settling at the bottom of the bottle and coating the vanilla bean.

Nose : Dominated by the exotic scent of passion fruit, this is a pleasant nose. The exotic scent of passion fruit is so strong that it is an olfactory wonder. Some noses will also smell the freshly cut fruit pod.

Palate : Like passion fruit, both sweet and tart flavours characterise the palate of this rum arrangement. Tasting: the tangy and exotic flavours awaken all the taste buds in the mouth, the whole palate is stimulated by these powerful aromas.

Important storage information : to ensure the proper evolution and conservation of your bottle, it is strongly recommended to store it away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. It is possible to chill it for an hour in the refrigerator, but remember to remove your maceration from the cold. Enjoy!

Capacity : 70 cl